20 Riverdale Must-sees. Make that 21.

Untapped Cities recently highlighted 20 must-see sites in Riverdale from the beautiful Wave Hill to the historic Bell Tower to the quirky Magnum Comics.  At first glance, Riverdale may seem like a bedroom outpost for nearby Manhattan, but once you take the time to explore the “Dale” -a local’s moniker- the neighborhood begins to shows its unique charm.  

As Untapped Cities says:

Nowadays, Riverdale presents the day traveller with a mixture of its old charms and new arrivals. A walk through the neighborhood is a chance to view a variety of 19th and 20th century architectural styles and landscaping principles at work. The three main commercial streets – Riverdale Avenue, Johnson Avenue and Moshulu Avenue – offer newer attractions: cafes and off-beat curiosities.

The charm of Riverdale is that it has always defied trend.  With the Hudson River border, myriad brick co-operative buildings and low-density zoning, development is rarer than other neighborhoods.  Even as young people and families have moved in to escape the high rents of Manhattan,  the bucolic topography, the suburban feel with a subway and the slowness keeps the hood honest; as well as the hirsute barbershops, the Jewish cultural flavor –  I would add Liebman’s to Untapped Cities’ list- and the eternal Hudson River views.

Drawings by Ohiso


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